Wounded Womb of the Mind/Heart, Part 1: STRESS

by Ayo (Pat) Hinds-Bankole on August 7, 2016


Are you walking around with a wounded womb state of mind?

Prior to 1997, at 37, I was!

I always worried about finances, bills, car problems. I repeated negative incidents in my head about what someone said, or did, or what I did wrong. I would constantly have thoughts like "I never do anything right", "What's wrong with me?", " I never get a chance", "Why do I keep doing that?", "It's always something", "I give up", "There's no way I can…",  etc. 

Oh, and then I would compare myself to other people I knew or didn't know, saying stuff like "I wish I was as pretty as her", "I wish my <body part> looked like hers", "If only I could do <whatever> like him/her", "Wish I had a <material thing> like him/her".

You get the picture.

My issues were minor compared to many, but those were the little events that played in my head DAILY. What happens when there are more serious events? Rape, incest, miscarriage, death of a loved one, health crisis, media overload. How we deal with these things big or small, can wreck havoc on our bodies, especially as women, on our most emotionally sensitive area, our sacred center, our womb. There is an unspoken connection between the your physical womb and your mind (the womb of your mind).

This is part 1 of a series to address at least 3 wounded wombs of the mind that go unnoticed and affect the womb of our mind: emotional abuse, stress, and trauma.

Wounded Womb of the Mind/Heart #1: STRESS

I think some of us are getting the message about letting go of too much stress in our lives, from the job, relationships, and family, to finances, and health issues. You may do yoga, meditate, pray, take a walk, go to the gym, read, shop, etc., but is that just putting a Band-Aid on the issues? Are you using those tools/processes to get down to the core, to release the stress issue? What about those of you who are not aware of the impact stress has on the mind/body and does nothing to eliminate it or dodge it.? Here are some things to consider for the womb of your mind/heart:

Damage stress does to the womb of the mind/heart (short list)

  • causes you to doubt yourself
  • you become irritated and critical (to self and others)
  • cause lack of sleep, worry, fear
  • disconnects you from your Higher Self (Source, Creator,God…etc)
  • become withdrawn, depressed
  • causes lack of self-love
  • feel there is never time to do or complete anything
  • feel lack of love, money, health, etc
  • causes you to "beat your self up"
  • loss of passion, joy, peace, etc
  • loss of freedom
  • feeling alone, even with people around you

Stress needs to be released and resolved to protect or re-balance your physical womb from some issues like:

  • prolapsed colon/womb due to overeating for comfort or punishment
  • heavy bleeding and/or pain due to feeling irritated & critical
  • infertility due to negative suppressed beliefs or lack of self love
  • fibroids/cysts due to lack of self love, lack of vision & passion, heavy foods/meat for comfort
  • odor/infections/discharge due to feeling lonely, irritated, lack of self-love, eating devitalized foods for comfort
  • miscarriage due to disconnection to Higher Self, fear, worry

Do you see the connection between the womb of the mind and body now?

When you make a conscious effort to release and restore the wounded womb of your mind, you get in a place of joy, peace, attract to you the good you want in your life, and in many cases have a happy womb. So yes! Mediate. Pray. Work out. Rest. Laugh. AND RELEASE the core stress issues.

Here is one tip: 1) Give thanks for recognizing the stress; 2) connect to the voice of your wombIf you want help identifying your wounded womb of your mind, and get some specific rebalancing tips, contact me here, email, or send a text, and I will be happy to share those tips with you. [email protected] / 973-223-3144

What's your biggest stress related issue? Comment here or in the Conscious Living Care Community page.

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Natasha August 9, 2016 at 11:53 am

I love this article.  I particularly appreciate you sharing your own story and journey and sharing a short list of the damages stress can cause on the body and mind.  I'm still baffled on just how much stress plays a factor in everything, especially the longevity and quality of our lives.  Thank you for helping to enlighten and draw direct connections between the womb and our wellness. 

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