Womb Summer Love with the Elements of Nature

by Ayo (Pat) Hinds-Bankole on July 29, 2016

27315976_xlI LOVE connecting with nature, and Summer is my FAVORITE time of the year to connect.  If you’re lucky enough to live in a warm climate at least ¾ of the year, then you may be able to do some of what I'm about to share with you more often for rejuvenation of the womb of your mind, heart, and physical womb.   


Check me out here, connecting at the beach!!

Womb Summer love while connecting to the elements of Air, fire, water, and earth


Water is the most connected element to the womb, especially the ocean tides by way of the moon cycles. As I mention in the video, if you're able to get to an ocean, take advantage of the salt (& minerals) of the ocean to absorb impurities from your body. Besides the ocean, you can make a water connection at natural lakes, rivers, and streams.

  • Bathe in the water and give thanks for it to wash away negativity and impurity from your body temple. AFFIRM: My womb is free and so is my life!  My womb is pure and so is my life!


At the beach you can really connect to the earthly "womb" by taking an earth bath or a sand bath! Bury your whole self or simply lie down on your stomach to draw out impurities. Additionally, gently rub the sand on your skin as an exfoliant (be careful of glass, twig, etc). Not near a beach? No problem. Connect to the earth by lying on the grass on your stomach (no blanket), gardening with your bare hands, or walk barefoot on the earth/grass.

  • While making your earth connection, AFFIRM: My womb is healing and so is my life. My womb is alive and so is my life.


The Sun is easily accessible to everyone on the planet. Carefully bask in the sun's rays for Vitamin D and vitality exposing your womb (between belly button and pubic hair line). Have sun sensitivity? Then rub your hands together briskly creating heat, and place on your womb.

  • While making your fire connection, AFFIRM: “My womb is liberated and so is my life” “My womb is passionate and so is my life”


I didn't mention this in my video, but this is another element easily accessible to everyone, everyday. Now, if you're able to be in a private place…take an AIR BATHE…yep, in your birthday suit (aka naked)! Imagine the air and the sun bathing all over you! Actually, I have not found a place to do this, but if I could I would. wink So, instead, I do this in my home. It's good for the skin to breathe free as often as possible from wearing clothes.

Another option is to go on a nature walk, trail, on a mountain, as far away from a city as you can, and deeply breathe in fresh air!

  • As you allow the air to bathe over you your skin, or breathe in really fresh air,  AFFIRM: “My womb is in tune, and so is my life. My womb is enlightened and so is my life”

Let me know how you connect or plan to connect to the elements of nature to your womb rejuvenation! Comment below.

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