With Ayo Bankole as the leader of our Sacred Sister Circle, I witness lives being transformed and experienced myself firsthand. I entered the group curious about self healing, meditation, and fasting. I suffered from infertility and had some emotional baggage.

Directly following the 21 day fast she lead me thru, I conceived my child! I am happy, healthy and free and I have Ayo to thank.

M. M., New Jersey






Conscious Living Care has been very helpful in that you as the founder has brought soul, love, and passion into all you do. One of my greatest services from you is the raindrop technique. Each session, you put me to sleep in such a relaxing way :-).

Amazingly, I was completely rejuvenated through the use of the YL oils used, and your soothing touch. As my sacred woman sister, mentor, and YL upline, I salute you and will recommend ALL your services.





Ahmala, Florida






Using the Young Living Essential Oils has greatly improved my health and given me much hope!

For many years, I have been experiencing uterine fibroids. By participating in a group coaching session for six months, by using the Young Living Essential Oils that were recommended, and by following the cleaning meal plan in all of its phases, I gained a flatter abdomen, a detoxified body, a reduction in body fat, and some weight loss.

I recommend the Young Living Essential Oils and the services offered by Conscious Living Care to everyone! The health coach, Ayo, is a very compassionate and caring person. She will do all in her power to assist an individual in accomplishing her specific health goal.





Anonymous, Alabama


















Spending time with you has changed my life tremendously, I have become more health conscious mentally,spiritually and physically. WOW! What a great thing it has done for my personal life. I forget that I am a senior citizen .

Life is so interesting for me,especially since I have become an oily person .Thanks to you. I can still remember the day I smelt the fragrance of the abundance oil on you and just had to have a drop.I wear it daily now myself It has been oil and more oils since that day. So does the oil abundance bring on the law of attraction. Oh! yes it does. I now have many oily friends that I have collected. They like feeling good and smelling good.

Many of my friends love my collection of oils but I first treat them with the oil peace and calming,which relaxes them emotionally so that I can tell them about all of the great health benefits of Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils and how they heals the mind body and spirit.

Love Your Oily friend ,


P. S. I want to speak about them all but, I am lover of the everyday oils kit . It is my magical medical bag that travel with me. Therefore I am able to share with whom or what ever I come in contact on how to heal thyself,children,friends or pets.





Ella Bowman, New Jersey






Private and group coaching. Holistic Self-Care program:

I felt lighter in my physical body as well as emotionally. I could see that I was detoxing my thoughts and emotions. This program offers great food and support. Diane S.

I have energy, am sleeping better, eliminating more and am feeling even more positive. …taking this detox journey was most beneficial to me. Thanks again for introducing me to the world of detoxing and healthy eating!    Angela K.

The detox was great! I’m a new woman because of it.  C.E.

So happy that I joined your program. My thoughts and mental being feels much clearer.  I would recommend this to anyone.  I have also thoroughly enjoyed the guest speakers and have been thoroughly amazed by each presentation.   A.S.

Through your program I became more self conscious of healthier options, and reached a new level to make better choices. S. M.

Before starting this program, I had been sick for a few months and was feeling very depleted. The detox program helped me get back on track and to make more of a commitment to taking care of myself.  As a massage therapist, I had heard about a lot of what was shared in the program, but I wasn’t implementing it for myself.  Going through this program allowed me to feel like myself again: my energy increased, my cravings decreased, and I feel better than I have in months. S. D.














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