Wounded Womb of the Mind/Heart, Part 2: EMOTIONAL ABUSE

by Ayo (Pat) Hinds-Bankole on September 30, 2016


Are you walking around with a wounded womb state of mind?

This is part 2 of a series to address at least 3 wounded wombs of the mind/heart (stress, emotional abuse, and trauma) that go unnoticed and may lead to physical womb issues. See part 1 for intro.

Wounded Womb of the Mind/Heart #2: EMOTIONAL ABUSE

Emotional abuse is repetitive negative words, thoughts, or actions, which affect you emotionally. 

You may be affected so badly that you start to believe what you hear and feel to be true. Whether addressed directly or indirectly (i.e. in a group), intentionally or unintentionally, from yourself or someone else or even social media … the negativity still hurts when it hits your ears.

In the past, I was my own worst enemy, my worst critic.

I often doubted my abilities, even when I did well…I wasn't the best! I would often feel like a failure, even when I wasn't. So, what triggered that??  For me…I watched A LOT of TV, and believed at least 1/2 of what I saw as true. I believed things my friends told me true or not. I wasn't feeding my mind positively, except for 1 hour in Sunday school and/or 1 hr in church on Sundays. I didn't walk around depressed, but I didn't FEEL fullfulled even though I WAS. It goes a little deeper, but basically I had to change the commericals in my mind, as well as begin to FEEL self-love, and FEEL worthy in order to break out of the wounded womb of my mind/heart. Before then, like many, I used food for my sense of comfort. The worse the food the better I felt…but then I would feel bad if I gained weight. I believe this viscious emotional cycle and bad food choices led to part of my fibroid story. Here are some things to consider for the wounded womb of your mind/heart:

Damage emotional abuse can do to the womb of the mind/heart (short list)

  • causes you to feel you are not enough
  • causes lack of expressing self love
  • you feel less than others
  • you feel impulsive or obsessive
  • lead to depression
  • lack of sleep
  • may become reclusive or withdrawn
  • lead to anxiety
  • may become agressive or fearful

Then from the wounded mind/heart….to the wounded womb with issues like (examples):

  • Not feeling good enough –>> overeating or bad food choices–>> fibroids/cysts or infections
  • Feeling impulsive or obsessive / anxiety –>> drugs or alcohol –>> miscarriage
  • Lack of sleep –>> lack of energy –>> infertility
  • Lack of self-love / depression –>> lack of self-care –>> heavy bleeding and/or pain

Can you see the womb of the mind/heart and body connection more…like in part 1?

When you make a conscious effort to release and restore the wounded womb of your mind/heart, you get in a place of joy, peace, attract to you the good you want in your life, become open to nutritous foods, and in many cases have a happy womb!

Here is another conscious living tip of many to assist: 

1) Give thanks for recognizing the emotional abuse.appying-oils

2) Inhale a therapeutic grade essential oil rose blend, like JOY, while changing the negative commercials in your mind and raising your vibrations and feelings HIGHER with affirmations like: I AM LOVE, I AM SAFE, I AM LIGHT, NOTHING IS WRONG, I AM AT PEACE. I AM WORTHY, ALL IS IN DIVINE ORDER,I AM SO GRATEFUL, etc. 

Are you an emotional abuse survivor, or in the thick of it? Comment with your tips or need of support below or in the Conscious Living Care Community page.

If you want help identifying the wounded womb of your mind/heart, and get some specific rebalancing tips, contact me here, email, or send a text, and I will be happy to share those tips with you. [email protected] / 973-223-3144


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