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Let me take you by the hand and help you bring wellness and healing to your body, mind and soul…

It is said if you heal a woman, you have the potential to heal a nation. Living well and having peace, love and joy surrounding our life is possible if we have the solutions on becoming more connected to our source of strength, wellness and inspiration.

“What you think, and what you feel, you create, and birth into your sacred center!”- Queen Afua

Our womb is the sacred center of our body, mind and spirit and foundation of our whole self. It is also the gateway of life on earth for every human being. Unfortunately, our sacred center gets invaded… and holds more hurts, fears, doubts, worries, bad relationships, disappointments, broken dreams, abuse and more… toxic “objects” that leave us broken and dis-eased!

Are you sick and tired of being sick, tired, out of shape, depressed, in pain, feeling like you can never have children, feeling weak in every area of your life?

Often we do not even think about what is affecting our body until it gets sick. Sometimes we wait for the right time to take care of ourselves while tolerating the pain and discomfort only to face more complications and pains. For some, the wait will lead to a physical or emotional breakdown (manic depression, surgery, medication with side effects, etc).


Lack of clearly defined simple solutions to total womb wellness and care leads us to confusion… and not knowing where to start or how to solve our problems. Are you feeling lost, worried, lacking control and disconnected to the needs in your body, mind and spirit?

Fifteen years ago, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I suffered from seasonal allergies, acne, overweight, severe PMS symptoms of bloating, abdominal pain, being moody, having cravings, heavy bleeding, depression and strained relationships with men and girlfriends. I tried everything and was about to give up when I found I needed something else to put here. 

My life has been turned around and I’m living well with peaceful power and have been transformed mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Through my own experiences and years of learning and coaching others to do the same, I’m now making this coaching program available in two ways.

1. One on one, heart-to-heart coaching program (3 days to 90 days, virtual or live)


2. Group coaching program (45 – 90 days, live or virtual)

Let me help you on your journey to gain control and get solutions to a holistic healing of your body, mind and spirit without side effects.

In these coaching programs you will:

• Learn to take control of negative thoughts, emotions and relationships
• Reduce PMS symptoms (bloating, mood swings, pain, heavy bleeding and more)
• Gain normal menses (light bleeding, 1-3 days, no pain)
• Have clearer thinking and attitude
• Weight release
• Have better relationships with men, self, friends, family, etc.
• Allow your body to heal itself from fibroids, cysts, tumors, heavy bleeding, discharge, pain and more
• Find out ways to eliminate foods that “feed” fibroids and weaken the womb and how to strengthen the womb
• Get mouthwatering recipes that help strengthen womb health
• Simple guides to understanding colon connection and womb wellness which includes digestion, absorption and elimination
• Ways to overcome challenges and re-balance your life
• Simple movements to empower the womb
• And more

You can live a healthy and happy life with simple solutions using our 2 week, 1 month, or 90 days coaching program. If you need inspiration, healing, confidence, guidance, control, change in the way you feel, look and think…

The time to change is NOW with our natural pathways to wellness and womb care “Womb Rejuvenation & Transformaton” Coaching Program. Let's talk, and see which program works best for you.

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