Waiting to Exhale!

by Ayo (Pat) Hinds-Bankole on September 26, 2012

 "How I got allergy relief from within naturally!"

In the Spring of 1997, for the first time in over 25 years, I was able to breathe freely and enjoy being outside without feeling drowsy and drugged, without red itchy eyes.  For the first time in over 25 years I didn't wake up honking my nose, clearing my throat, and bringing up mucus.  For the first time in 25 years I didn't have to worry about any side effects normally experienced with anti-histamines:

  • dry mouth
  • drowsiness
  • dizziness
  • nausea and vomiting
  • restlessness or moodiness (in some children)
  • difficulty urinating or inability to urinate
  • blurred vision
  • confusion

I had been waiting to exhale…and inhale… freely!

People are often amazed when I tell them that a simple internal body cleanse/detox program allowed the seasonal allergy symptoms to disappear completely from my body.

OK. So what did I do?  I followed a program that involved only a few colon cleansing products and meal plan that didn't leave me starving, gave me more energy and mental focus, while eliminating my symptoms.  I know I hear some of you , thinking either "Hmm… ok tell me more" or " Been there, done that, don't want to do it again", or "I definitely don't want to do that!" For those who want to know more, contact me below or from my contact page, and we'll chat cool.  For those who have done something similar and don't want to do it again, I have a wonderful simple solution that is natural without side effects.

Essential oils!!…believe it or not. Lavender and Peppermint to be precise.  Therapeutic grade Lavender and Peppermint to be more precise!

Lavender is actually a natural antihistamine*. There are 3 ways it can help alleviate allergy symptoms: 1) apply 1 drop under the nose and/or around nostrils, 2) add 1-2 drops to water or in an empty veggie cap, 3) diffuse in air or cup in your hand and inhale. Peppermint is naturally anti-inflammatory* and can be used the same way as Lavender.

I highly recommend taking both, and use any combination of the methods above a few times a day. Best of all, guess what?… no side effects, no potentially toxic drugs! No drowsiness, dry mouth, or zombie like feeling some drugs can leave you feeling.

For your convenience you can purchase a medicinal therapeutic grade of these oils at special wholesale prices  shipping included!!  Just click here.

See allergy relief others have experienced using therapeutic essential oils at:  http://www.oil-testimonials.com/605597 and click "View most popular testimonials"

Note: If pregnant, nursing, under a doctor’s care, or on medication, consult your physician. Dilution recommended for both topical and internal use. Do not apply neat to a fresh wound or burn. Dilute before using on sensitive areas such as the face, neck, genital area, etc. Keep out of reach of children. For very small children small use small about on bottom of feet.

* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Any questions? Contact me anytime!

One Love,

Ayo (Pat) Hinds-Bankole

Ayo(Pat) Hinds-Bankole, owner of Conscious Living Care, is your ultimate Wellness Expert & Coach, helping people ignite and re-ignite their passion for great health from the inside out! Serving Men/women/children/pets nationally and internationally.


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